for Stress Management
                                                   and Flexibility

         Private and group classes are offered in Basking Ridge
        and surrounding areas. Through gentle stretching, breathing, 
        meditation techniques and guided imagery students often 
        feel relaxed yet alert.  

                                                                CLASSES ARE DESIGNED FOR:
          - new and continuing studentss who want to participate at 
            a slower-pace to their ability and comfort level.
          - or for physically-fit students wanting a gentler yoga approach 

        Modifications to postures are given for individual needs

        You need to be able to get down onto and up from the floor. 

                                        YOGA OFTEN IMPROVES:
         Yoga often improves:  ability to relax and manage stress, quality
         of sleep, flexibility, mental focus, hormonal balance, body 
         awareness and acceptance, and overall well-being.




         Yoga on the rocks 
         at Coney Island.