2012 / Certified as a Yoga Nidra Instructor.
    Yoga Nidra often brings deep relaxation and a calm mind.   
Techniques of Yoga Nidra include conscious breathing,
meditation, and guided imagery. 

2000 / Certified as an Integrative Yoga Therapy Instructor (I.Y.T.) 
at 200-hour level. 
    I.Y.T. instructors offer modifications to yoga postures to suit individual needs.  Students participate at their own pace, comfort, and ability.

2000 - Present / Member at the 200-hr. level of Yoga Alliance (www.yogaalliance.com), a professional organization that sets standards within the yoga industry.

1989 / Received Associates Degree in Human Services from
North Central Technical College.


             General Public
            Female Addicts 
           Women on Parole
           Cancer Survivors          
     Sexually Abused Women
    Assisted Living Residents
 Juvenile Delinquency Officers

Through my own health challenges, I have developed greater compassion for myself and others.             

                                                    " As we heal ourselves, 
                                                            we heal the world. " 

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