YOGA contributes to the union of
body, mind, and spirit using postures
(physical positions), conscious breathing,
guided meditation and relaxation. These classes are gentle and designed, among other things, to increase flexibility and reduce stress.

Find a teacher you can relate to, feel comfortable with, and who will work with you at your level.  This can make your yoga experience enjoyable, comfortable, and safe.  

Yoga is not a "cookie-cutter" approach.  There are many styles and schools of yoga from which to choose.  Each student's needs and goals may vary. 
You will know when you find a yoga style that suits you You should leave class feeling good!

Many people think they are not flexible enough to do yoga. However, when they study and do yoga they become more flexible! Search for a yoga style that works for you and enjoy! 

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                                    YOGA BENEFITS:
    Yoga often improves the ability to relax, reduce stress,
    focus mentally, and sleep better.  Additional
    benefits may include increased flexibility, hormonal
    balance, body awareness and acceptance, and overall